Home completed in 1996, Client visited Lowes Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, AZ many times to gain inspiration.

Split-Face Block with corner pilasters and “X” shaped columns articulate the design of this split-level home.

  1. First view is Garage with Kitchen and Dining Room above.
  2. Next is the curved and lighted stair up to the entrance.
  3. Entry Hall to the left with faceted block/window treatment.
  4. Farther along Entry Hall toward Bedroom Wing, actual “Judge Roy Bean” doors into Master Bedroom.
  5. From Entry Hall, upstairs to the Dining Room, with Venetian Plaster ceiling reflecting the natural light.
  6. Looking from Living Room back toward the Entry Door and Entry Hall, with see-through fireplace.
  7. Looking east in Living Room along fireplace and up toward Dining Room with reflective ceiling.
  8. Larger angle view of the Living Room with amethyst geode gracing the fireplace.
  9. Looking east again, to Dining Room with fully open view.
  10. Looking west at the North face of the Veranda with Master Bedroom window, and toward the pool.
  11. Inside the Veranda looking east into the Living Room and Entry Hall through faceted wall.
  12. View east along the Veranda toward the Living Room leg of the Veranda.
  13. Art Studio Addition for Client’s painting work.