Firm Profile:

A firm which solves architecture as sculpture and art, offering: Site Analysis, Programming, Planning, Design, Production, Specification Writing and Construction Administration and Post Construction Evaluation.

A firm which brings to each and every project 100% Principal involvement in every decision and all project delivery systems, from word processing to electronic cost estimating to CADD design and production.

A firm which bases its current work on forty years of architectural experience from college summer jobs to U.S. Army Corp of Engineers military projects in Germany to high-rise multi-use project design in Tucson in 2006-2008.

2006 Schematic Design Sketch for City Brewery Multi-Use Project

2006 Schematic Design Sketch for City Brewery Multi-Use Project

Awards & Acknowledgments:

  • 2009 The Tucson Pima County Historical Commission, Historic Preservation Certificate, May, 31, 2009, for the “T/6 Filling Station” Restaurant Project for Honoring the Building’s Original Use.
  • 1983 Arizona Society of the American Institute of Architects CITATION AWARD for the Williams House, Marbel, Colorado.
  • Tucson City Mayor’s Copper Letters for Community Service:
    • 1976 – 1979 Board of Adjustment
    • 1979 – 1980 West University
    • Historic District Advisory Board
    • 1982 – 1990 Downtown Advisory Committee

4 T6 Cert